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Where the lost ones go: Featuring On-Que and Charlene Truter

January 2009

Where the lost ones go        Listen to the track:

On-Que featuring Charlene Truter
Where the lost ones go

The talented song and dance artist, On-Que recently recorded the 2001-Espen Lind & Sissel hit, "Where the lost ones go" together with Charlene Truter.

Once a year you hear a song on the radio that makes you feel good and sad simultaneously - "Where the lost ones go" is one of those songs.

Performed brilliantly for the first time by Espen Lind & Sissel at the 2001 Spelleman Awards (Norwegian Grammys) on 2 March 2001, many artists recorded the song afterwards, but few brought out the quality that the original artists created.

This time two artists show the world that South Africa has some of the best performers to offer locally and internationally.

Although a cover song, Charlene Truter holds nothing back and gives a superior performance alongside On-Que with this recording. Showcasing their versatility, compatibility and talent On-Que once again states why they are amongst the most talented performers in the country.

This local production of "Where the lost ones go" will definitely be one of the most play listed songs of 2009.

More detail regarding Charlene Truter: www.charlenetruter.com

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