'I Am' Clothing is an exclusive range, especially for dancers. Specially designed and tailor made to fit the needs of dancers. This is a first for South Africa!

I Am Feet Sanitizer

I AM Feet Sanitizer is an effective all-in-one skin protector, antibacterial protector and moisturizer. For up to eight hours, this revolutionary formula creates a natural, non-slippery barrier that protects your skin against bacteria, fungal infection and much more. When applied, the moisturizing liquid forms an invisible shield that keeps your feet protected and germ free, preventing further infection and returns them to their natural state.

Assists in preventing cross contamination and the transfer of infection of the feet when walking barefoot.

Non –toxic, non –carcinogenic, biodegradable, contains no alcohol or silicone, and is environmentally friendly.

Inhibits growth of bacteria on feet for up to eight hours and has a residual antimicrobial effect even after washing.

Already meets the most restrictive EPA pollution specification to be implemented in 2005 as it contains no volatile organic compounds (VOC’s)

Independent test have been performed which support these statements.

Is hypoallergenic, non-irritant and inflammable.
I AM Feet Sanitizer carries the SABS mark of approval.

I Am Healing Spray

Essential oils are the basis for all traditional healing. Each one has a particular fragrance and properties. The art of blending them harmoniously combines the skills of the pharmacist to make a unique healing ointment.

The healing oils acts as a shield around bruises and also help relieve cystitis, arthritis and muscular aches and pains. The variants of the oils we use have therapeutic effects through its anti-bacterial action.

Individuals with diabetes or circulatory problems should take especially good care of their feet and body. It makes the I Am spray a brilliant product.

For the active work-out enthusiast, this product is the ideal cooler and deodorizer.

It also helps alleviate athlete’s foot.
Spray into your shoe/sneaker or boot, and wait to dry. I AM healing spray will leave a thin layer of natural oil in the shoe, which cools down the feet and goes to work when your feet reach a certain temperature. This temperature enhances the oil to start the essential healing process.
There are many medications available for treating fungal infection. Most treatment results in control, rather than cure of the condition.
I AM healing spray with it’s natural oils is a brilliant organic treatment.

I Am Bracelets

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