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VISION To be the leading Producer/Director of local and international productions.
MISSION Utilizing local talent to develop quality.
  • Believe in my people
  • Believe in my product
  • Believe in my client
  • Create work as an upliftment program
  • OBJECTIVES To customize the needs of my client - provide them with the product they expect.
  • Producing/Directing/Choreography of Shows
  • Video / digital media productions
  • Theatre productions
  • Corporate quality
  • Training of students in urban areas for corporate market


    Willie Venter          

    Willie Venter was born in Kuruman, South Africa. In 1982 he left for Pretoria, where his entertainment career took off. In 1994 he became a finalist in the Mr SA competition and used it as a stepping stone for his career. He worked in every genre of entertainment including dance, music variety, award shows and pageants.

    Since Willie started his company "The Producers", his career took him onto another road of success. He opened the Kora/Aids ceremony in Durban (December 1, 2005), broadcasted life across the globe.
    A pleasing aspect of his growth is reflected in the increasing number of projects in the corporate field.
    He created the successful "Make the circle bigger" flashmob in Sandton during the 2010 "World Cup" as well as the Vodafone Flash mob in Ghana (2010)

    Recent Projects:

  • Moments 2017 - Owner / Producer / Artistic Director / Choreographer
  • UD Trucks (Dealer of the Year) 2017
  • Volvo Awards 2017
  • Top Model SA 2017
  • Shoprite Checkers Awards 2016
  • Moments 2016 - Owner / Producer / Artistic Director / Choreographer
  • UD Trucks / Volvo Awards 2016 Producer / Director / Choreographer
  • Shoprite Checkers Awards 2015
  • NAMA 2015 (Namibian Annual Music Awards) - Choreographer of Dancers and Artists
  • UD Truck Launch and Awards 2015 - Producer / Stage Director / Creative Director / Choreographer
  • SARU Awards 2014 / 2015 - Stage Director / Creative Director / Choreographer / Assistant Producer
  • Standard Bank Flashmob 2015 (Lean It) - Choreographer
  • Top Model SA 2015 - Creative Director / Choreographer
  • Monte De Dios Bridal Fashion show 2015
  • AFRIKAANS IS GROOT 2012 - 2014 (Creative Director/Choreographer)
  • Ghoema Toekennings 2014 - Creative Director/ Choreographer
  • Safarinista Fashion Show - Monte de Dios 2014
  • Afriganza 2014 - Producer / Creative Director / Choreographer
  • Shoprite Checkers Awards 2006 - 2013
  • UD Truck Awards 2012 - 2014 - Creative Director / Director / Choreographer
  • Huisgenoot Skouspel (Skouspel Plus) 2000 - 2012
  • "AS JY SING" feature film to be released November 2013 - Choreographer
  • Ghoema Toekennings 2013 - Choreographer
  • TUT Dance Season 2012
  • F.Wilson Fashion Launch 2012
  • You and Tempo (Huisgenoot) Awards 2005-2008
  • Tempo Awards 2012
  • Women of the Year Awards 2009 - 2012
  • Bloemfontein Children's choir 25 year Reunion at Sand du Plessis 2012
  • Avusa Awards 2010
  • African International Fashion Awards (choreographer)
  • Kaapse Jol 2007, Heroes Awards 2007

  • Flashmobs:
  • Vodafone Flashmob in Ghana 2010 (watch the video) - First ever in AFRICA
  • Vodacom BAFANA BAFANA "Make the circle Bigger" flashmob in Sandton Square as part Worldcup fever (watch the video)
  • Amstel flashmob 2010 - Bara taxi rank - Soweto (watch the video)

    Willie Worked with acclaimed camera director Julia Knowles from the UK as Stage Director for 16th Annual South African Music Awards 2010 (VL Productions), and has acted as choreographer from 2002 - 2013 on the current television production "7de Laan", and was also involved in the 2006 Sanlam SA Fashion Week held at the Sandton Convention Center, South Africa - is still very involved in Fashion shows in Malls in South Africa.

    Willie Venter was approached to direct and choreograph the first ever combined "Miss South Africa / Miss South Africa Teen pageant" (Sun International) held at the Sun City Superbowl in December 2003 - 2005. He also Choreographed his dance group for the Miss South Africa / Miss South Africa Teen 2004.

    His Dance Choreography is rated among those of international choreographers. As a well known Director (Producer), Performer and Choreographer, he is one of the few - if not the only - that has the ability to adapt to versatile environments and tasks.

    Willie is owner and manager of the successful career of On-Que, one of the best up and coming artists in South Africa - www.on-que.co.za. Willie was Director of Kurt Darren's Sama award winning live DVD 2008, as well as the creative force (Directing and Choreography) behind the mega successful Sama award winning DVD of Juanita du Plessis Platinum DVD, 2009.

    Because of his creativity and understanding of his clients needs, most clients respect his work and say "if you haven't worked with Willie Venter, you don't know what quality is"! Extensive travel to countries, i.e. USA "New York City - Broadway" is undertaken to remain in touch and informed regarding changing trends within the entertainment field, in order to transfer new skills and requirements for success to his trainees, enabling them to enjoy successful career development.

    The wide range of projects and productions choreographed and directed by Willie Venter bear the testimony of his versatility and skill.

    Since he started, Willie Venter has been entrusted with the very biggest of live television productions in the country, the

  • 7de Laan roadshows and 7de Laan outside performances 2004 - 2009
  • Face of Emnotweni 2008/ 2009
  • The Miss South Africa pageant of 2001 and 2003
  • the Kora All Africa Music Awards (2002), the Miss South Africa Teen pageants of 1999-2002. Willie is also very active in the shelter communities and charity is part of his human relationship. Miss Garden Route 2005 - 2007(charity). Other major successes have been Miss Malaika 2001 (Sun City), 2002 (Harare, Zimbabwe, broadcast to 79 countries)
  • and (Galagher Estates, SA) 2004 - the "Egoli Roadshow" as well as "Mr South Africa" pageants 2000 (Menlyn Arena) and 2001 (Gateway Theatre of Shopping), all for Frontline Productions.
  • Willie Venter also choreographed for "IT Productions" the "RAPPORT" shows at Vodaworld 1999 and 2000
  • Miss Legs 1998 - 2003 as well as Miss Record 2001 - 2003.
  • Mnet "Face of Africa" 1998 - 1999
  • Mrs South Africa 2001 - 2006, and
  • Miss Deaf SA 2004

  • A pleasing aspect of his growth is reflected in the increasing number of projects in the corporate field:

  • He choreographed and Directed "Best of the Boys" 2003, "Blondes" 2003,
  • "Born In the RSA" 2004, "King and Queens of Music" 2005, "Born in the RSA 2" 2005,
  • "Melodies of Love" 2005, "Decades Deelite" 2006, "Born in the RSA", 3 2006
  • and the hit show "Movin & Shakin" 2006 (rated as one of the best shows in the country) at the Performer Theatre in Pretoria. Willie also scripted and produced the show.
  • He Stage Directed "Calender Boys" 2004.
  • Willie choreographed for theatre "Poppie die Drama" 2004 , "Love Valour and Compassion" 2005, Vaselinetjie, 2010, for Director Henry Mylne and "Dirk en Lindie" 2008 for Chris and Diaan (better known as Ryno and Paula from 7de Laan).

    Since Willie started his company "The Producers", his career took him onto another road of success. He opened the Kora/Aids ceremony in Durban (December 1, 2005), broadcasted life across the globe.

    Willie is still working for different companies, because of his sought after professionalism.

    WILLIE'S PROFILE on You Tube: watch here

    7de Laan Miss South Africa Face of Africa